Sunday, January 21, 2018

Birds Hanging Out In A Tree Warmed By Sun

 During the winter I look for areas where birds concentrate that I can pull close to in my car.This old tree was near a brushy field in a lighted area. Among the birds that landed in the tree was 18 Red-winged Blackbirds,16 Eastern Bluebirds,......
8 Dark-eyed Juncos...........
and 22 Cedar Waxing!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Ice Jams Along The Connecticut River

With the deep freeze we had followed by warmer days we've had a lot of ice building up along the Connecticut River. They've been sending ice breakers through to open up the water and then the broken hunks of ice pile up at certain areas along the river. This photo was taken from Haddam meadows.
I've had my eyes open looking around for any areas of open water. 
I found a couple of Ring-necked Ducks in a little patch of open water along a stream at roadside.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Too Cold To Press The Shutter Button

 The beginning of January started out with a couple of weeks of really cold weather. It was so cold that the couple of times I did try to get out I didn't even attempt taking any photos. I posted a couple of photos from past Januaries when the weather was probably more agreeable..
I don't mind winter weather but there is a limit and single digit temperatures is definitely my limit, especially when there is wind.  Wind is like my kryponite in the winter. My hands got so cold last Sunday that my fingers hurt when I tried to heat them up in front of my car heater.  

If there is a sunny 30 degree day with no wind I could probably walk around in a long-sleeved shirt with no jacket. As I'm writing this we are finally having a warm-up so I'm looking forward to getting out again.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Gift Birds On The Day Before Christmas

 On this busy holiday weekend I somehow managed to steal an hour to go down to the shore. Marinas can be a great place during the winter to get a close-up look at certain birds.
 One of these geese is definitely not like the other!
It was a nice surprise to come across a snow goose which aren't all that common around here.
 Birds like this American Coot like to hang around marinas in Old Saybrook.
I was especially excited to get such a close look at a Surf Scoter which are usually much further out on the water. I'm glad I squeezed in this little birding excursion. It turned out to be like an early Christmas gift. Merry Christmas and happy holiday to all!