Sunday, November 11, 2018

Trolling For Birds By Car

I used to have a boat and did quite a bit of fishing. If fishing as slow in one location we would cast a lure or a streamer out and ride around the lake until we found some fish.We called this trolling.I wasn't mentally prepared for 30 degree weather yet so I decided to troll around town in my heated car looking for birds.I searched the wooded hillsides.
I drove by the old railroad tracks here I found a mockingbird that stayed in the middle of a berry bush.
Then I found a Cedar Waxing getting drunk on crabapples. If you drive around enough you'll eventually run into birds.until then at least you have a heater and a radio!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

I Got Birds In Forgotten Places

 I made a point of looking for birds in forgotten places today. I made one stop along the Connecticut River and took a walk along a 10 foot wide strip of grass that is owned by the town but it looks as though it's part of someone's yard.
The Dark-eyed Junco is a sure sign that winter is not far away.
 I checked below these colorful fall trees to see what bird was making chip notes.
 The White-throated Sparrow is another bird that will keep us company for the rest of the winter.
 This is a little pond that has no name. It sits behind a few houses and isn't much more than a flooded patch of woods.
Which is all it takes to satisfy a Green-winged Teal.I was happy to find him in a forgotten little pond, especially this time of the year.

It had me singing "I got birds in forgotten places-where the trees are broken and the sign are faded-but that's okay-I found a teal today". Does that song sound familiar to anyone? 

Friday, October 26, 2018

Wile E. Coyote Versus The Kingfisher

I remember a cartoon from Looney Toons that featured a coyote that was constantly trying to catch a roadrunner using elaborate contraptions.The coyote failed every time as the roadrunner would always avoid the trap at the last second leaving the coyote caught in his own trap.

 I always think of that cartoon when I approach a kingfisher because they always seem to sense when I'm going to take a picture and slip away at the last second. I finally managed to get very close to this kingfisher but of course it had to be cloudy and raining! My camera doesn't like cloudy and raining.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Habitat Search Led Me To Purple Finches

Sometimes I will just drive around country roads and look for habitat that I think might be good for birds rather than go to places I'm already familiar with. I'll look for things like water features, berry bushes, weeds, cedar trees, tall grass, and shrubs.If I see signs of bird activity I'll stop and check it out. this time I as rewarded with a nice view of a pair of Purple Finches stuffing their bills.The male Purple Finch is on the top.It has more of a raspberry color to it versus the reddish color of the male House Finches. I don't see a lot of Purple Finches so I'm always happy to come across them.
The female has a sort whitish eyebrow mark.
Sometimes my initial roadside search I will explore the area in further detail. I came across this little area near some hilltop power lines where someone created a nice little stone sanctuary. 

Birding can become routine and predictable so heading out blindly with binoculars and using your own instincts to look for birds can be a rewarding way to go about it.