Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The Christmas count that I was to participate in this past weekend was postponed due to a snowstorm. I took a break from usual birding routine and watched the birds at my feeder for a change. I enjoyed watching birds that I don't always pay attention to like this Mourning Dove which appeared to be taking a bow.
The most common birds under my feeders this weekend were White-throated Sparrows. Watching them interact with each other and scratch the snow for food helped liven up a cloudy, grey day.
The male Northern Cardinal ate seed while hiding in the middle of my brushpile but the female visited the feeder several times.
I kept busy catching up on yard chores before the holidays and before I knew it the sun was already setting.
I was recently listening to Bob Dylan's Desire CD and was surprised to learn that Emmy Lou Harris sang background vocals on it. Harmonizing with Bob Dylan and still sounding great couldn't have been an easy task. I found a Christmas CD by Emmylou at our local library titled "Light Of The Stable". If you click on the link you can listen to samples. She has subtle but unique tone to her voice. It should be the perfect CD to play on Christmas Eve while sipping a glass of eggnog by the fire.
click to play
Just a reminder-I will be counting all the species of birds that I see in Connecticut during the month of January. I invite you to do the same in your home state or area.
This will be my last post until next week so I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


madcobug said...

I enjoyed your pictures and the move. Merry Christmas and Happy new Year to you also. Helen

Kim said...

Happy Holidays Larry! Love that picture of the White-throated Sparrow you took.

I'll join you in the January blog count this year for sure.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Merry Christmas Larry!!

Jayne said...

And a very Merry Christmas to you too Larry. :c)

Andy said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family

The Early Birder said...

Time just flies when you're having fun Larry.
Happy Christmas & Best Wishes for 2010. Cheers Frank.

Lana Gramlich said...

Happy holidays, hon! My best to you & yours for 2010!

matthew houskeeper said...

On the back of the Desire CD, there is a small photo of Emmylou Harris.
She is not singing on Hurricane however; that is Ronee Blakely. But there is an alternate, slower version of the song with Emmylou Harris singing backup. Sometimes it shows up on YouTube before quickly being removed.

Ruth said...

Nice winter bird pictures. You did get a lot of snow, much more than we have right now. I will have to think about the Christmas bird challenge this coming year...

Larry said...

mathew-Sounds like you must be a fan.I'll have to do a search about the other background singer to see what else she has worked on.

Everyone else-merry Christmas(already past) and Happy New Year!