Monday, August 30, 2010

BwBTC Find Proof Of Avian Life On Mars

Birders gathered from around the universe this weekend for what was billed as a fun-filled social event for birders who blog, tweet, and chirp but the true purpose of this trip was something of a more serious nature. For many years scientists have theorized the existence of an avian species living on the planet Mars. A team of birders arrived on the red planet using special equipment (high spf sunscreen) to help them deal with the harsh atmospheric conditions.
For the first time the BwBTC group has obtained photographic evidence of an avian creature on the surface of mars which has remarkably similar features to the sandpipers that are found here on earth. The creature in question is pictured here emitting a form of infrared light from its abdominal area. It is believed the purpose of the light is to help the sandpiper detect water sources that are invisible to the naked eye.
This is another avian species believed to be transmitting data back to its mother ship. Some may think this is just plain cuckoo but we know otherwise.
I'm sorry to say that much of the information which was collected is classified, so no further details can be divulged at this time. Until then, you can read more about the earthbound portion of this trip by continuing to monitor the following blogs:

please note: Anyone looking to add these two species to their list should wait for verification by the proper authorities before making any travel plans.
(It was a lot of fun seeing some familiar faces again and meeting others for the first time. The birding was great and it was a great trip overall!
Special thanks to: Dawn & Jeff for hosting the trip. Hope to see you all again next year).


Cindy said...

Larry, what a scream! I laughed really hard! Great to see you again!

Dan Huber said...

super post larry, very funny!!
it was great birding with you again.

Larry said...

Cindy-glad you got a laugh out of it-good to see you there as well.

Dan-Same here-you covered the event so well from a birding standpoint that I thought I would go in a different direction-glad you appreciated the humor.

Dawn Fine said...

I knew we were out doing something very special.
Thanks for sharing your special sense of humor..You had as laughing Saturday and again today!

Word verification was

Unknown said...

OMG perfect! This is a rip!

Jen Sanford said...

Ha! This is awesome!

Ruth said...

Great post Larry! The first picture is so well composed and you could probably pass it off in an internet hoax to a lot of gullible people.

Andy said...

Nice post on the trip

Harold Stiver said...

Hmm, Birds on Mars. I'm pretty sure Sarah Palin can see them from her yard.

Larry said...

dawn-word verification mission? That's funny in itelf.

Andy,Cindy, Jen-thanks for stopping by.

Ruth-yes I fooled myself when I read it this morning.

Harold-If I laugh at your comment it is a nonpartisan laugh because I am registered as an independent. That being said, she has the potential for a heckuva yard list.

Unknown said...

Too funny - and very creative! Thanks for inviting us - we had a blast!

FAB said...

A pity it's not April 1st Larry. You had me grinning from ear to ear..great post. FAB.

Lana Gramlich said...

Ha! Brilliant! Have a great day. ;)

troutbirder said...

Terrific. Now always having been interested in interplanetary birding, is a complementary return trip by earth birders being planned? If so I'd like to be included. :)

dguzman said...

Out of this world!