Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hatchway Warbler And Nestbox Downy

I came home from work the Tuesday night and saw this warbler poking though my lawn. I came back with the camera and took this picture of it standing on the hatchway before it flew off. I didn't see the front of the bird but it looks like a palm Warbler. It has some yellow under the tail and a whitish supercillium which are field marks that were listed in my field guide for fall Palm Warblers.

There have been other birds passing though my yard recently including a tiny Blue-gray gnatcatcher that was flitting about in my crabapple tree flashing his white trimmed tail feathers. The most surprising bird I saw was a robust looking Northern Waterthrush which had a nice yellowish wash on its underside. It was in a tree bobbing its tail for a while but flew off after a short visit.
This Downy Woodpecker was making a lot of noise trying to enlarge the opening to this nestbox but I had a metal guard around the hole which prevented House Sparrows from getting in. I removed the metal guard so the downy could chip away at the entrance. I was curious as to what it wanted with the nestbox since I assumed the nesting season for downies would be over by now. Maybe it's just practicing for next year.
click to play
I went on a Hartford Audubon trip last Saturday and we saw 8 Broad-winged Hawks fly over along with a mix of a few other hawks. We saw one adult Bald Eagle but I don't know if it was migrating or just haning out. I'm looking forward to sitting in on a hawk watch at a sight in Massachusetts at Blueberry Hill this weekend. Hopefully conditions will be good so we can see a lot of broadwings. Maybe Fats Domino will show up!


Anonymous said...

Hi Larry,

Palm Warbler it is - of the western subspecies 'palmarum' note the mainly buffy underside with prominent yellow undertail coverts. I got an arty shot of one on the West Side Highway in NYC the other day:

Dan Huber said...

Nice post Larry, have a great time Hawk watching.


Larry said...

Luke-thanks for the detail-makes the hatchway Palm Warbler seem more interesting.I went back and took a look in sibley's. I noticed there was a section about western subspecies of palm Warbler.


Ruth said...

What wonderful back yard birds and excellent photos too.

Lana Gramlich said...

"I was curious as to what it wanted with the nestbox since I assumed the nesting season for downies would be over by now. Maybe its just practicing for next year."


Cindy said...

Nice picture of the Palm Warbler and love the Downy video.

Harold Stiver said...

Great stuff!! That is curious behavior by the Downy, its hard to figure what he had in mind.

Cindy said...


I was at my sister's in CT and watched a Downy Woodpecker go into the birdhouse in the garden. He sat inside with his head just inside the opening. He seemed to be staying for the evening. I went inside several times and every time I checked he was still inside the birdhouse. Hum, same unusual behavior by two different Downeys.

Larry said...

Ruth-thanks Ruth

Harold-I often wonder what birds are thinking.

Cindy-I noticed the downy poking his head out in the early evening hours-maybe he's just hanging out there as a roosting spot.I'd hang out there too if I could fit.

Erica Houskeeper said...

Nice photos Larry! The top one is wonderful. Hope you are doing well and enjoying the fall.