Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I Just Saw Birders: The Central Park Effect

I just took out a copy of Birders: The Central Park Effect (HBO) from the local library and watched it for the first time.This is the third movie I've seen about birding but the first one which features real birders. It's a documentary that interviews birders while they are birding in central park throughout the movie. The interviewees give their insight about what it is that makes birding so great. It also has fantastic footage of the brilliantly colored migrants as birders zero in on them with their binoculars. 

This movie was a great reminder of what I like so much about birding and almost made me feel as if I were on a field trip in Central Park. What made it more interesting was that I recognized some of the birders in the movie. It has put Central Park on the list of places I need to visit during the spring. Non-birders watching this movie should also gain a greater understanding of what the appeal of birding is all about. 

(I noticed that this DVD can be purchased or rented on some of the popular online retailers).

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