Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Off-season At The Heron Rookery

This month I've been trying to find birds in my county that I haven't seen yet this year. I made two visits to the town heron rookery, Even though the herons left there nests months ago there were still half a dozen hanging around the area. The water has dried up significantly since the spring but I was pleased to have my first sighting of a live woodcock this year (unfortunately, I found a dead one in the spring). Last week another birder found a group of Pectoral Sandpipers here. I believe I saw a few this weekend but wasn't able to make the positive ID because they flew off before I had a chance to get a good look. Probable but not definite. Sometimes you have to let it go even though it hurts.
I did make a positive ID on a couple of yellowlegs  (not this one). Only a couple of months left with my county list stuck at 155 for the year. I'd like to crack the 160 mark for the years end. I like staying within the county. I've always been a fan of local sports team so trying to find as many types of birds locally is kind of fun. I don't have to waste much gas and it,s an incentive to discover new places within your area.

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jp@A Green Ridge said...

YOur plan to stay local sounds like a good one Larry. I may just have to look into staying within my county to see what I can find! Sad to read about the Woodcock being dead though. The seminar I attended sponsored by UConn had an extensive amount of time devoted to it's habitat in hopes of upping numbers...:)JP