Sunday, March 27, 2016

Past The Old Tobacco Fields In Search Of Birds

I took a walk on Easter morning and passed by some old agricultural fields where I earned my first paycheck picking tobacco leaves in the late 70's. All that remains of those days are the ghostly remains of old tobacco sheds and distant memories of tar-covered clothes. These days the fields are used for planting strawberries and vegetables for a local farm stand.
I chose this location because I wanted to take a break from my favorite local honey-holes. Search for birds in areas like this may be less consistent but still have some appeal. It's sort of like searching for change underneath the couch cushions instead of just going to the atm. 

There was plenty of flooded marshy area as I followed a trail down to the Connecticut River. I was hoping I might come across a woodcock but had no such luck. I did see a kestrel flying overhead and spotted a first of year Ring-necked Pheasant crossing one of the fields.
One thing I did see to brighten up an otherwise gloomy, cloud-covered morning was a male Wood Duck perched in a sycamore tree quietly singing to a nearby female. It reminded me of a line from a song-birds singing from the Sycamore trees... dream a little dream of me...

 I came across many other Wood Ducks in the marsh that let out overly dramatic squeals as they flew off. They seemed to be yelling WARNING! WARNING! HUMAN APPROACHING!


Michelle said...

A lovely walk and that is a beautiful wood duck.

Anu said...

Great photo of the The Wood duck. It is so handsome bird! I like the song "Dream a little dream of me" :)