Sunday, March 12, 2017

What's Worse Than Forgetting My Camera?

 Sometimes when I get up  early to go birding on the weekend I forget some of my birding gear because I'm in too much of a hurry. If I forget my scope it's no big deal. I can still get by with the use of my camera and binoculars. Forgetting my binoculars is more of a disappointment but then I usually concentrate my efforts on getting better photos. 

The one thing that bothers me most is when I forget my camera. I  don't like being without it because I know that will be the morning when a great photo opportunity will present itself. 

So what could be worse than forgetting my canon 50x superzoom camera? The top photo is of a kodak Duaflex II camera which was recently discovered packed away in an old box down in the basement. I wouldn't even bother taking photos of birds if I had to use that old camera. I don't know what a "kodet' lens is but I doubt  it would take close-up pictures of birds and I wouldn't want to bother developing the film.
I forgot my camera this weekend but decided it was worth the ride to back for it. Even an average photo (Red-breasted Merganser) from the Canon would top my best efforts using a kodak Duaflex. I'm sure that it would come in handy if I was living in the 1950's but for for now I think I'll just put it on the shelf as a reminder of how much cameras have advanced in technology since then.


Michelle said...

That camera is quite an antique, in today's times.

Nadezda said...

I think you better keep your antique camera it's now a antiquarian. Interesting bird, a Merganser or goosander is not often seen here, Larry.

troutbirder said...

I left Minnesota for a summer flyfishing trip in the Beartooth Abarsoka range. Got up dressed and realized I'd forgotten my flyrod. I told my wife we're going home. She said no and we drove fifty miles down a gravel road to Livingston MT. for a new one. Later she claimed unfairly it was a plot on my part to buy a new one....:)