Saturday, July 22, 2017

Childhood Places That Still Exist

There's something comforting about seeing places from your childhood that still around today. Vecchitto's Italian ice has been open for business at the same location since 1930. I remember their delivery trucks circling my neighborhood in the  1960's selling their Italian ice when I was just a kid. It amazes me their business has survived all these years. I preferred the ice cream truck when I was a child but recently tried their lemon ice and it was refreshingly good on a hot day!
I used to live right down the road from Wadsworth Park. I returned there last week with my binoculars and camera. The wide paths bordered by stone walls are just as I remembered them. I was able to see pileated woodpeckers and some noisy Red-shouldered Hawks.
Back when I was a kid bird identification was simple. Birds were birds and ducks were ducks.
Seeing a deer would have been a real thrill back then! I don't think they were as plentiful. Childhood memories are bittersweet. It's nice to indulge in nostalgic recollections but sad to know that you can't go back even to visit.


Michelle said...

It is nice to indulge in these things. Also nice to see that the Italian Ice place is still in business.

Nadezda said...

I love my childhood memories as well Larry. Lovely photo of deer, seems it wasn't afraid you.

Larry said...

I can't wait to get another Italian ice!yes,the deer and I bonded in small bubble of the natural world.