Sunday, October 8, 2017

Grey Skies, Un-listable Birds, And The Town Fair

The sky stayed mostly grey this weekend but not all the leaves were brown. They are just starting to take on some fall color.
 I didn't have much luck finding wild birds before the rain started coming down but this one caught the corner of my eye before I realized what I was looking at.
 Plastic pink flamingos seem to be popular these days but wouldn't count on most birding lists. I'm sure that someone keeps a list of artificial birds they see though.

 Looks like the animals have it good in this town, even the goats have their own sports cars.
 Domestic geese like these look similar to Snow Geese.
 The fair had some musical entertainment with the first act being the Tony Rome band. He changed his outfit after almost every song and did a lot of stones-type classics.
And of course we don't want to forget to mention the horn section!

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Michelle said...

I am most impressed by the horn section!!