Sunday, January 28, 2018

Common Birds Are Great For A Scavenger Hunt

 My birding jaunts this month have been short and almost painful (coooold!). That all changed this weekend as we had sunshine and 40 degree temps on Saturday.I visited Machimoodus Park in East Haddam which has a healthy population of Eastern Bluebirds.
 The habitat has a nice mix so the birding is always good there. I've avoided looking for the more common birds so far knowing that they would be there for me to enjoy and appreciate on a warm sunny day like it was this weekend.
The nice weather made me appreciate birds like the Dark-eyed Junco. It was fun to search for birds like chickadees and titmice that I hadn't added to my year list yet. It felt like a good old-fashioned bird scavenger hunt!

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Michelle said...

A lovely series of birds. I so enjoy seeing them in the winter, at my feeders.