Saturday, December 15, 2018

Sleepy Owls, Hoodies, & Dogs On Skateboards

 December has been a slow birding month for me so far. I've been reading the local eBird lists and noticed that birders have noticed that the species lists have dropped down to 10-20 species per outing.

One reason I prefer fishing to birding is that I've never been "skunked" while birding. there have been many times that I've gone fishing and didn't even get a bite but I always see at least some birds. The other day I caught a Barred Owl napping in a tree. 
I must admit that I was disappointed that it wouldn't open his eyes.I realized that the eyes of an owl are what give it that mystical appearance.
One thing I enjoy about winter birding is seeing the return of winter ducks like the Hooded Merganser.
This dog on a skateboard stopped me in my tracks. It wasn't just standing on the skateboard but actually propelled itself by using one of its feet.I wish that I had the chance to make a video!

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