Sunday, January 6, 2019

Everywhere Is A Birding Hotspot In January

 For those of us who keep a list of birds, January is an excellent month. As you start your fresh list each January 1st, every place you go becomes a birding hotspot.
Each bird you see becomes the first of the year. That means even your local park is filled with brand new species for your year list. 

Some may wonder "why bother keeping a list of birds?". If you think about it all we need to survive is food and shelter. Everything else is just about using our senses and sense of purpose to entertain or fulfill ourselves in some way.
So in January every bird counts whether it be an eagle, a mockingbird, or even the unpopular European Starling. 


Anu said...

Hello. In Finland in January, does not have a lot of birds, but each bird is the first of the year - as you wrote it. Have a great birding year!

Dick Mansfield said...

Enjoy your postings a lot - have a great birding year.. Dick Mansfield

Larry said...

Thanks for the birding year encouragement!

Crafty Green Poet said...

I always keep a list of birds and I'm always excited to see which bird will be the first I see that year and it's always a feral pigeon. We're valuing our starlings more now as their populations are decreasing dramatically