Sunday, February 24, 2019

If It Weren't For Pictures I Would Have Forgotten

 I try to keep up with blogging once a week even when it's busy but I really couldn't remember anything memorable during my recent outings. It wasn't until I downloaded photos that I remembered a beautiful winter morning along the Connecticut River.
The sun illuminating the hay covered brush piles reminded me of the story of Rumpelstiltskin who could spin straw into gold. There ere lots of sparrows in the pile that my camera could not keep up with.
Not far down the road was this old wooden shed. Now that I see it I can remember the scene giving me a feeling of calmness.
 Just across the street turkeys were gathering for breakfast.
 I drove a little further into the country for a stop at Leesville Dam.
 I don't know if the Common Merganser could see his reflection because it looks like his eyes are closed (more like just a bad photo).
At Machimoodus Park someone had dropped a little birdseed to keep the Juncos busy.

The pictures were a reminder to me that I actually saw and experienced more than I could remember. Sometimes special moments in life are made up of quick snapshots that are easily forgotten if you don't take the time to remember.

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