Sunday, October 13, 2019

On The Fence

East Haddam is a town in Connecticut that seems to be a perfect match for fall weather. I stopped by the Salmon River boat launch to take in a view of the Connecticut River.
I drove along a country road on my way towards Devil's Hopyard.
I saw a park sign on the side of the road that I never noticed before. The name of the park was Captain G. Comer Memorial Park. I googled Captain Comer and found out that he was a famous whaling captain that grew up in East Haddam. Anyway, this park turned out to be a nice spot for sparrows and other birds. 
It had a wire fence bordering a garden where the birds liked to perch in between feasting on seeds from various plants and flowers in the garden. This is a Lincoln's Sparrow which is always a nice find.
There were also a number of Savannah Sparrows there.

There are hundreds of miles of hiking trails in Connecticut even though it's a small state. I love coming across new parks and hiking trails by accident. This one had the extra bonus of having a fence that attracted birds like magnets. It's definitely worth a trip back there.

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