Friday, December 27, 2019

Birders Could Learn A Few Things From Golfers

I had a close encounter with a Great Blue Heron at a local golf course. 

It was standing near a tiny pondlet that had a bit of trickling water coming out of a drain pipe.
Golfers seem to pick prime locations to make their golf courses. They have golf carts to drive them around and restaurant/bars on site when they feel like taking break.
If they have a hard to reach spot they build a bridge to it and have caddies to carry around their golf bags if so desired. I wouldn't mind having someone to cart around my spotting scope!

Maybe birders should think more like golfers. It would be nice if birding areas could be enhanced with some comfort features.

 How about bird blinds that are set up in very birdy areas at an angle that has perfect lighting for taking photos? Maybe a silent solar-powered tramway that would slowly move you along the edge habitat elevated to a level for ideal viewing? 

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