Sunday, February 14, 2021

I'm No Better Than The Groundhog

Like the groundhog, I reluctantly climbed out of my hole. After breakfast at the local diner, I was off to find a nice spot to look for some birds. Then I looked at a snowy ridge overlooking a frozen pond and decided to call it a day.
I'll just have a cup of coffee and watch birds out my window. Next week may be a different story but for now I'm no better than the groundhog.


Val Ewing said...

It is cold and frigid all over, so yes! Wait for a bit!

Nan said...

I've been terrible this winter about getting out. Many, many days I've just stayed in.
What is that bird eating the suet?

Larry said...

A Carolina Wren is eating the suet.

Nan said...

Wow! I think we must be too cold here. I love the colors.