Sunday, March 21, 2021

I Had Some Rare Sightings Along River

My favorite inland spot over the years has been the Wangunk Meadows which has a variety of habitat including open fields, marsh, woodlands and is bordered on one side by the Connecticut River.
I've seen many unusual birds over the years but seeing a seal in this far up the river so far from salt water was one of the strangest sightings I've had. I hope that it is healthy.
On the same day I heard a strange bird call coming from the opposite end of the field. They were large and not Great Blue Herons. I started scanning though my mind the possibilities as I took a picture of them taking off. I compared the sounds I hear to the Sandhill Crane and sure enough that's what they were! My first sighting of them right in Portland! They are still considered a rare sighting but have been showing up in Connecticut on occasion over the last few years. I'm glad I took the picture for verification even though it doesn't show too much detail.


Michelle said...

Interesting that you saw that seal. We have Sandhill Cranes around here and they do make a distinctive sound. I saw a Red Headed Woodpecker at my feeder today. Have never seen one before and I was so surprised I had to look it up! lol

Larry said...

We don't see too many Red Headed Woodpeckers around here either.