Thursday, September 30, 2021

Sparrows First Then The Foliage

I can sense the changes coming. The fields are just starting to get a tinge of color change.
I've always felt that this time of year has a mystical feel to it.
I always see these spider webs but rarely see a spider in them. They may be lurking in the tall grass safely tucked away.
Sparrows are already starting to arrive. They are one of the prime attractions for fall birders. Hopefully, the colorful foliage is not far behind!


Val Ewing said...

Do Sparrows migrate? It seems we always have them here. I bet that I don't know the difference between one kind and another. I should learn.
We saw several groups of blue birds again yesterday. It was rather fun.

Larry said...

Some sparrows stick around year round like our Song Sparrows while many others migrate

Michelle said...

I don't know much about sparrows. I need to learn more!