Sunday, October 24, 2021

Before The Sun Rises

It's been some time since I've managed to get out birding before sunrise. I heard a little activity when I fist a arrived at fields but it was difficult to get a good look at what I was hearing so I pointed my eyes to the sky and the moon was right there looking back at me.

Everything else is hiding in the shadows. The air is clear in more ways than one. There is no covid news or politics, just peace and quiet.

A point and shoot camera has a small sensor and doesn't like low light conditions but the milk spilling out of the weed was easy to see.
Eventually the fields started to show a splash of red. As the morning light increases, the beauty of nature begins to reveal itself.
Finally, the sun peaked over the horizon a few minutes later warmed my back to a comfortable level.
Eventually the birds start to reveal their identity. Some birds come to say hello and others just seem to mock me.

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