Sunday, February 13, 2022

Seeing The Waxwings Through The Cedars

Saturday was a 50 degree soul-warming day of sunshine. I checked the local Harris preserve to see what was around. I would have enjoyed seeing any birds on such a nice day but as I peered into a mess of tangled cedars I caught a glimpse of one of my favorite birds.
 I love Cedar Waxwings! I never get tired of seeing them because they show up randomly and have striking detailed markings that make them stand out from other species. They are usually fairly cooperative with the camera but on this morning they were hiding in the shady shadows.I was able to get very close to them at times even though the lighting was very limited. If you look closely, you can can see the little red marks on the wings that gives them their name-waxwings.What do waxwings like to eat? I've seen them catching insects in mid-air during the summer but most of the time they are after fruit and berries when I find them.I had a great morning sneaking through the trees for a for a closer look. Hmm, maybe too close?


Val Ewing said...

Well there is an action shot I haven't seen before!

They are beautiful birds and I never noticed the little red markings on their wings before.

Einstein's Brain said...

Those are good pictures.