Sunday, July 10, 2022

2 Different Heron Species Out In The Open

Yellow-crowned Night herons used to be a species that I was trying hard to find for the first time. Once I found my first one, it seems that I see them fairly often down at the shore. This is the first time that I've seen one standing on a deck, giving me a very good view. it flew off after my first attempt at a photo though.
Great Blue Herons are by far the most common herons I see. There's even a few hanging around Connecticut in the winter. Sometimes I don't bother trying to take pictures of them because I see them so often that I take them for granted.

  I decided to snap a photo of this one out in the water on a somewhat foggy morning. I forgot I even took it until I uploaded my photos. I'm glad I did take the photo because it reminds me of the way an artist my paint it, with the blurred reflection. It gives it a different look with such a plain grey background.


L. D. said...

We have the Great Blue along our rivers and lake. I see people post a lot of photos of them.

Val Ewing said...

Nice shots of the herons! I don't get out near the river enough to see them.

Love the foggy shot with the reflection, beautifully done.