Saturday, October 15, 2022

Always Looking For New Places

Whenever I am driving I keep my eyes open for nature areas that I haven't visited before. During peak migrations I am hesitant to try these types of places because migrating birds come so fast and furious that I like to go to for the sure bets aka "birding hotspots".

Now that I've seen most of what I can see for this year I can take more time to explore and try new places. I've passed by a road may times in Higganum that had a stream running along side it that always had my curiosity. I finally took a drive down the road and lo and behold there was  a tiny little park with a trail at the bottom! 
It had a beautiful little waterfall that looked so nice in the fall setting.
I followed the trail past the marsh down to an old railroad trestle along the Connecticut River. It was foggy when I first got there.... 
..but the fog soon lifted and gave me a nice view of the Connecticut River. I saw a Great Egret on the opposite shore which was too far away to take a picture of.
When you're at a scenic new place even an ordinary Downy Woodpecker is a bird worth stopping to admire!


Val Ewing said...

These spots look fantastic.
How beautiful.
I love rivers and water and fog...

Anonymous said...

Having ariver, stream or pond

Anonymous said...

Having a river, stream, or pond is a definite plus.