Friday, June 16, 2023

3 Reasons I Like Prairie Warblers

Power lines are places I go to often to look for birds. In the summer there are a couple of species that I often see.
One is the Indigo bunting which I have a hard time getting pictures of for some reason. They don't actually show much color until the sun shines on them.
The other bird I often see at power lines this time of the year is a species that reminds me of a show I used to watch in the 70's. The name seems to have slipped my mind. Little House on the something? 

Anyway, the Prairie Warbler is one of my favorite warblers for 3 reasons. 1) because they are kind enough to hang around at a height where you don't have to bend your neck up to the sky to find them. 2)They have a distinct ascending call that reminds me of the sound of water being poured into a tall glass. 3) The third reason is that they are nicely marked and colorful!

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Betty J. Crow said...

Indigo buntings are hard to capture. I have one here, but he is very skittish. He likes to come to the feeder, but if I'm outside he flies away. I finally got a couple of really good shots in the late evening. Love yours with the flowers and bright greens. The Prairie Warbler is gorgeous! I've never seen one here in Oklahoma. Another beautifully shot pic.