Wednesday, August 30, 2023

4 Bird Sightings to Close Out August

I didn't do a whole of of birding in August. I read so much about killer worms, mosquitoes, ticks and amoebas that I was torn between just staying home or giving up reading. I decided on one last outing before the end of August. 

I chose to take a walk along some tracks towards a big marsh. The sign says that trains are active again on these old tracks but the overhead speed bumps would probably slow them down a little.

There have been many inland shorebirds this month including the Solitary Sandpiper which has a distinct eye ring and sort of greenish-yellow legs.
Some poor kid must have got his egret kite caught in the bushes.
There was a healthy population of Green Herons in the area. This is one of four that I saw but most of them blended in too well with the surrounding for me to get a picture.
This looks like a young oriole to me. I don't have time to look it up so I'll just go with that unless someone corrects me.
There are some things that I enjoy about August but being out in the woods watching birds is not at the top of my list. I'm looking forward to September with lower temperatures and a welcome invasion of migrating hawks!


Michelle said...

Being outside in August is not a favorite thing of mine either, but you captured some good shots here.

Val Ewing said...

Birds are still hard to find in August. Here, we just have crickets and the occasional Robin passing through right now. We do have hummingbirds stopping in also.
More butterflies than anything else!