Saturday, April 20, 2024

My First Rose-breasted Grosbeak Of The Year!

It was still early in the spring migration when I got my big boots on and started mucking my way through the swampy zone where the Great Blue Herons gather on their grounds.
As expected, there were plenty of Red-winged Blackbirds which are nice but that wasn't really what I was hoping to find.
I wasn't looking for Song Sparrows either but if one is going to perform an avian opera in front of me I might as well listen for a few minutes. 
There in the very top of a tall tree singing his heart out was what I was looking for. They sound a little like a robin singing but faster and more melodic sounding to me. My first Rose-breasted Grosbeak of the year!


Michelle said...

Years ago I had a grosbeak at my feeders, but none since. They are lovely!

Larry said...

Thanks-I just wish they wouldn't stay near the tops of tall trees so i could get a better picture!