Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Forgotten Videos

I was going through the process of deleting files from my computer today when I came across some forgotten videos. I never used them for various reasons. I decided to upload them to blogger before deleting them from my computer.

I captured these Red-tailed Hawks in flight at the Michael J. Donnely land preserve in South Windsor when I visited in March. I didn't post this video because I had too much stuff to post at the time.

I thought that I would be doing a good thing by using a tripod to capture these Snowy Egrets preening but a strong wind made the whole picture shaky. I went with a still photo for that particular post instead. This video was recorded in March at Great Island in Old Lyme CT.

This video was very grainy because it was taken on a rainy day also in March at Stanley Park in New Britain. You can see the Cedar Waxwing eating crab apples.

This last one is an alternate video clip of a Common Raven feeding its young in the town of Kent CT. I chose an alternate video for that post. I just figured out today that my computer came with a video editor. All this time I've been trying to upload videos of 50m or more. The video editor seems to shrink the size of the clips to just 3m or 4m which makes it much quicker to upload.

Have A Nice Memorial Day Weekend!


Jayne said...

Very nice videos Larry!

Anonymous said...

I just love your forgotten videos and wish you could share many more of these forgotten things!

Lana Gramlich said...

Very nice! I could never successfully upload any videos to Blogger, unfortunately. I had to open a YouTube account & link things over from there.

steadyjohn said...

Larry: My brothers and I went for a walk in the woods last Saturday near Great Hill in Portland. One of the two, Dick, is an avid birder and enjoys reading your blog. Dick is not the expert with bird songs that you are so I recorded a song that has us stumped but I am sure you can identify. This MP3 file has a surprise ending where brother Bob falls to the ground when his log perch snaps.Pardon the expletive (mine) at that point! The bird in question was high in the canopy and we could not see it.

Also, while out in that neck of the woods I made a short video about an interesting rock formation there. See "Wall in the Woods" on You Tube.

Larry said...


monarch-I would if only I could remember them!

lana-I'm a bit slow catching on to computer technology but every so often a little flourescent light bulb goes off in my head.

steadyjohn-I can't hear the audio very well but I'm thinking either Baltimore oriole or Rose-breasted Grosbeak.-Perhaps an alternate song because I've never heard that particicular pattern.-It's definitely not a warbler and the Oriole or Grosbeak would be high in the canopy.-A Tanager would have a more raspy melody I would think.-If I get a chance I'll listen to some of the alternate songs of those two.The fall on the audio was funny-sorry-but it just was.-I will be sure to check your blog tonight.-and to John's brother DIck-thanks for reading my blog.

Larry said...

Steadyjohn-I did just watch the video.-That wall looks very familiar._It was interesting to watch the video of a place I've often hiked to.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, enjoyed watching these.

Mary said...

Hi Larry, you might not remember me. Mary, from Mary's View?

I see you've been busy as all get out and seeing lots of birds. Your videos on this post are great! I'm especially fond of the Waxwing enjoying the fruit.

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Weekend! It was nice to catch up on your bird adventures!


Larry said...

Hi Mary-I haven't been keeping up with commenting on everyone's blog lately.-I'm barely managing to eek out occasional posts but I will stop by yours tonight.

Larry said...

laurao-Thanks for checking them out.