Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Watercolor Bird Paintings From CT Artists

Painting # 1- Songbirds by David Stumpo-

Back in March, I stopped by a place called Celebrations Gallery and Shoppes in Pomfret. Here are some watercolor paintings from two Connecticut artists whose artwork is currently being displayed at the gallery. (Click on the paintings for larger view). (Paintings #1 and #2 are by David Stumpo).

Painting # 2 -Migratory Daydreams by David Stumpo

“As an artist, my one true passion is watercolor. I truly enjoy the fluid movement of watercolor paint on paper. My second passion is nature and wildlife, particularly birds. Seeing a Great Blue Heron standing in a marsh, with the setting sun dancing on it’s feathers, head up and alert, is for me, an almost religious experience. I feel closest to God when I am out in nature and observing the little intricacies and wonders of life.

The striking slash of carmine red against the pure white of new fallen snow as a Cardinal cautiously works his way to the birdfeeder. The jerky and comical antics of the Red-Bellied Woodpecker as its head peeks and peers, nervously surveying the area. These little things are the gifts I receive from my time spent observing, watching, quietly letting nature form the thoughts and ideas that will become my next painting. In thanks, I try to paint my birds as accurately as I am able. My goal is to give them life.”

Painting # 3 - Goldfinches by Sharon Rowley Morgio

(Paintings #3 and #4 are by Sharon Rowley Morgio).

The following is an artist statement from Sharon:

“My art background is in drawing and painting. When I was introduced to the field of calligraphy about thirty years ago, it became a new source of inspiration for pieces combining shape, line, texture and color. While my beginnings in lettering covered many years of rendering words and quotations, both commercially and as original works of art, I became interested in the shapes and forms that are inherent in letterforms, using them as inspiration for more abstract pieces. I have also enjoyed combining images from nature and the human figure with calligraphy.

For the past three years I have become immersed in painting watercolors. I enjoy the fluidity and layering possibilities of the medium. I paint both natural and man made subject matter from unusual points of view, focusing on shape, line and texture in a variety of compositions that often include only a portion of the subject, positioned in a way to draw the viewer into the page. In the future, I hope to expand my work in new directions, including works which combine lettering and watercolor.

For me, a painting is an adventure. I enjoy the opportunity for discoveries and personal growth that come with each new work. It is my hope that others might see things in different ways after viewing my paintings, and that they feel an emotional connection to each piece. "

Painting # 4 - Fat Robin by Sharon Rowley Morgio

I hope that you enjoyed viewing the paintings. Thanks to the artists and to Celebrations Gallery for allowing me to share them with you. Here is a link to Celebrations Gallery and Shoppes.
As for me, I've been taking it easy during this Connecticut heatwave. I've been seeing lots of butterflies recently including this Eastern Tiger Swallowtail that landed on some flowers in a nearby field.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful works of art! I love the color patterns of birds. A friend of mine who specialized in ornithology was currently awarded a Ford Scholarship and is continuing his studies in Oxford. Birds are wonderful creatures. :)

Lana Gramlich said...

Thanks for sharing the art. I'd love to go to that gallery. I remember you mentioning it before & were it not for the massive expense involved in shipping (there AND eventually back,) I would have given serious consideration to submitting my works there. Looks like a lovely place!

Kathie Brown said...

Thanks for sharing this bit of art with us. I love seeing the paintings and reading the aritist statements. The fat robin is my favorite.

Jayne said...

What talented people! Thanks for sharing Larry. Love your pretty swallowtail. :c)

Larry said...

Sashindoubutsu-I'm glad you enjoyed that. Thanks for stopping by.

Lana-it would have been nice to see your work here in CT.Maybe some day you can make a visit here.

Kathiebirds-I liked the artist statements too.it makes the works of art more interesting to me. That fat robin must have eaten its share of watercolor earthworms.

Jayne-thanks-I think something swallowed a little bit of the swallowtail's tail.

Dawn Fine said...

Thanks for sharing the Bird art.Some really nice art!
Love your photo art as well..
and the video of the killdeer is great!

Cindy said...

Hi - I love the watercolors you shared - very pretty.

Thanks for the visit to my blog. As you can see, I am just a backyard bird watcher - but I love my bluebirds. The picture on my blog is the pair that returns every year. (At least I think it's the same pair!)

Larry said...

dawn-Thanks-How do you know it's a photo of the butterfly? I might have painted it.

Happy Bluebird-Nothing wrong with watching birds in your backyard-yes-nice photo on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Larry,
I loved the fat Robin, reminds me a little of myself!Or at least what I seem to becoming lately.

Larry said...

Vern-Just don't try perching on a branch and you should be okay.

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Larry - These are very nice. Thanks for sharing, including the artists's statements.

Wish I had more time to paint. And bird. And hike. :0

All the best
Warren and Lisa

Larry said...

Warren & Lisa-I'm sure you'll get to all those things eventually.

Anonymous said...

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Best regards

Anonymous said...

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