Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Elite Birder's Club Was April Fool's Joke

We've been having all kinds of ducks showing up at our local fairgrounds including the less common Blue-winged Teal (above) ,  a rare visit from a Common (Eurasian) Teal which looks like a Green-winged Teal but without the white stripe on the side. 

 It was the frustration of not being able to get good photos of these ducks that made me think about how nice it would be to have access to some effective photography/bird blinds. I thought about doing a post about the types of blinds I'd like to see built but then decided to turn it into an April Fool's joke post.

I decided that it would be more interesting if my imaginary blinds were constructed by an elitist birding club. I knew that the idea of elitist birders would ruffle a few feathers. 

 Once I uploaded the post I realized the joke was on me because people believed it but didn't get the punchline. No one was clicking on the link that gave it away. I should have known better and made it more obvious that I was kidding at the end. 

 If there were such a birding club I don't think that I would fit in well because:

  1. My little 1995 pickup truck has 230,000 miles on it and has riveted sheet metal covering the rust holes on the side. I'd probably need something a little more stylish to fit in with the elite birders.
  2. I've thought about taking one day courses about shorebirds or sparrows for the last 5 years but never got around to it. It's hard for me to imagine taking a 6 week course about birding.
  3. I don't have elite equipment and don't have elite birding skills.
  4. I  wouldn't pay $400 to join a club with a name like- The Elite Birder's Club of America. I'm more an average Joe who just isn't into champagne and caviar.
I do appreciate those who played along with this April Fool's post and apologize to those who didn't catch on.


Chris said...

The joke was not that bad as everybody fell into it ;-) Green winged teal are the rarity for us over here ;-)

Jen Sanford said...

I had a good laugh when you said it was a joke. I was really scratching my head over it!

Larry said...

Chris & Jen- I like putting people on but didn't want everyone thinking that I was an aspiring birding snob.

troutbirder said...

I thought it was great fun and seriously don't hesitate to do it again! I think a fair number of people quickly skim posts so they can make a minimally lucid comment and then quickly move on to the next hundred of their "friends."

Larry said...

troutbirder-That's true and I must admit that I've done the same thing myself before.

Kathie Brown said...

Thank God for the common man (and birder!) Keep up the good work (and the story telling!)

Kathie Brown said...

Troutbirder, it is true, and though I have been guilty of it, I really try to read the full post and leave an informed comment. I don't get around to as many blog because of this, but I would rather enjoy reading the blogs I do get to!

CabinGirl said...

Well I thought your EBCA post was wonderfully structured and thought out, Larry :-) I think you should apply to freelance for The Onion.

Love your teal photo - I've never seen one.

Larry said...

Kathie Brown-I'm telling stories every day although I probably wouldn't quite put it that way.

CabinGirl- I rattled this post out in a hurry but had it in the back of my mind for a while.