Wednesday, July 3, 2013

5 Excuses For Getting Stuck In A Muddy Blog

It's been quite some time since I've posted on my blog. I don't need  plan blogger breaks because they just happen. Once I stop posting it's difficult to get started again. It almost feels like my feet are stuck in the mud. Well, I need to post something to get the ball rolling again so here it is: 

5 Excuses For Getting Stuck In A Muddy Blog:

1) A giant cloud has been following me and watching my every move-It's hard to go birding and take photos when your being followed by a giant cloud equipped with giant antennae!
2) I've found a new hobby; watching outdated movies by campfire-Yes, it's hard to do a blog post when your laptop is busy playing old movies by the campfire.
3) I've been busy gardening-Honest, I was going to do a blog post the day I started my gardens!  So far I've been eating the leaf lettuce but I can't wait for the tomatoes and cucumbers.
4) I've been getting all my undesirable yard chores out of the way- I had to clean my siding, trim the hedges and shrubs, clean the gutters and all that good stuff. I'd rather be birding but you have to deal with hose things sooner or later. It's hard to go birding with a clear conscience when you know there's work to be done. The flowers are from a $1.00 packet of wildflower mix that I threw down where my old shed used to be.
One of the surprises came when I was hauling down brush to the dump.
So often, I see Purple Martin Condos filled with nothing but starlings and House Sparrows. This time there really was Purple Martins occupying the condo units. It was a nice surprise to find them at the dump of all places! 
5) I decided to take up a study on House Sparrows-After finishing all of my yard-work I took a little time out to watch the yard-birds do their own house chores. House Sparrows are despised by many birders but I hold no grudge against them. They're just trying to survive like any other creature on this earth and they never asked to be transported to America.

The real reason that I tale a long time between posts at times is either that I don't have pictures that I'm happy with or that I don't have the ambition to follow through with ideas that I might have.  Hopefully I've freed myself from the muddy blog and can continue on my journey once again.


Josh Fecteau said...

I'm with you on House Sparrows: "they never asked to be transported to America". Nice post and I look forward to more.

Larry said...

Josh-I know that House Sparrows take nestboxes that were intended for bluebirds but I'm a little surprised by the degree to which some birders despise them.

Ruth said...

That is the purple-est Purple Martin I have ever seen. In my pictures they just look black. Love the big cloud...will have to call you Moses. Yes, life is busy and inspiration is easy to lose, but do keep blogging.

Unknown said...

Cheers to your garden & wildflowers!

Larry said...


I guess it's all in the way the light hits the martins.

Sometimes you just have to start moving again or you'll rust.

Kathie Brown said...

Larry, LOL! You are something else and those are all good excuses! Glad to have you back again!