Sunday, July 14, 2013

Osprey On Railroad Bridge Got His Stick Stuck

I decided to take a ride down toward the shore for a little bit of early morning birding. We have been in the midst of an extended heat wave here in Connecticut so I have been keeping my birding excursions casual and brief. 

 The photo is of the DEEP dock in Old Lyme which is situated near the mouth of the Connecticut River. It's not what I would call a premier birding spot but it's free and has great accessibility with a nice, long boardwalk. Most of the people there were either fishing or catching blue crabs. I did a brief survey of the area and found Barn Swallows, Mallards, various gulls, Marsh Wrens, and Cormorants.
I noticed that some Ospreys had built a nest on top of the railroad bridge and they seemed to be quite active so I watched them for a while.
 At one point one of the Ospreys flew in with a large branch to add to the nest.
 Some how the branch got stuck in part of the bridge when the adults were trying to arrange it into a desired location in the nest.
 Come on now-give it some more wing power!
There was a lot of Osprey squawking going on as it tried to yank that branch out. I wonder if they have their own version of curse words?
Oh what the heck-might as well use it as a lookout branch. 


Unknown said...

This is wonderful..Can't use it for me nest, but it's a fine perch lol!

Larry said...

Cindy-Ospreys are interesting to watch when they're in their nesting phase. It reminded me of a scene from a family of people.

Cindy said...

Larry, you always give us a great story which always causes me to laugh. You are a great story teller with your pictures. Cool pictures of the ospreys as well.

Linda said...

How wonderful! Great captures.

Kathie Brown said...

Larry, love your sense of humor! What a great spot! I don't blame you for staying inside during that heat and humidity! I finally got my post written about our day of birding together. Just wanted you to know it will post on Friday. Thanks again for a great time!

Oh, and as for the osprey? My husband got a tattoo of one on his leg while I was in CT!

Jen Sanford said...

Oh man this made me crack up!