Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Nice Stay In Madison Thanks To TripAdvisor

 My wife Joan and I stayed at the Madison Beach Hotel over the weekend. I was able to get a good deal through tripadvisor which is my favorite websites to use when I'm looking for places to stay. Tripadvisor has thorough reviews from customers about hotels, restaurants, and other travel related experiences.
  The original Madison Beach Hotel started out as a boarding house in the 1800's where workers from a local shipyard stayed. The hotel was completely renovated in 2012. The rooms are nice and the views of Long Island Sound from the balcony are terrific.
 I wasn't there for the birding but Hammonasset wass just down the road if I wanted to. There were a few peeps around along with Fish Crows, cormorants, goldfinches...
.....and of course gulls which were very well behaved as far as gulls go. 


Chris said...

Wow cool stay Larry... Did you manage to bird extensively ;-)

Larry said...

Chris-Not extensively but we had a great time!