Monday, September 30, 2013

5 Reasons I Enjoy Birding When I'm Camping

Camping is enjoyable enough on its own but I have found that I enjoy birding more when I'm on a camping trip.

Here are 5 reasons why I enjoy birding more while camping:

1) You become more in tune with nature while camping: One of the reasons I enjoy camping is that you eliminate a lot of the every day distractions you become used to. this allows you to become more sensitive to the sights and sounds of nature that surrounds you. Hundreds of years ago Native Americans were completely in tune with nature. It was key to their survival. They didn't have modern conveniences to rely on. I believe spending some time camping helps give you a sense of that same connection with nature.
2) You don't have a lot of responsibilities while camping:
When you're camping you need to worry about building a fire, eating, relaxing, and sleeping. You can go birding an not have to worry about things like going to work or cutting the grass. It allows you to go birding for as long as you want at whatever pace you want.
3) You might as well go birding where you're at since you're there already: Have you ever started birding at a location and became impatient? Maybe the place you chose to go birding is a little slow and you wonder if you might be better off trying a different spot. Chances are that you didn't give the place you're at enough of a chance.When you're camping you can take the time to explore the place you're at to the fullest.
4) Birding becomes more appealing because you don't have a lot of options: When you're camping there are less things around to keep you entertained-no computers, cell phones etc... That makes birding a more appealing option.
5) The extra time that comes with camping makes it easier to set up a scope or take photographs: A lot of time I don't bother using a scope while birding because I'm in a rush and don't feel like lugging it around. The perfect time to use a scope for more detailed nature study is while your camping. It's also easier to have the time and patience it takes to capture bird photos.

I'm sure that there are many more reasons I could come up with but I'm busy packing for a camping trip!


troutbirder said...

All of the above reasons plus I love to camp anyway. Number 5 is the one I could especially benefit from though.....:)

Kathie Brown said...

Sounds heavenly to me Larry!

Larry said...

troutbirder-I did use the scope but didn't have a whole lotta luck with the bird photos.

Kathie-that it is.