Sunday, June 29, 2014

Deer Crossing The Water At Guilford Point

I was in Guilford, Connecticut this morning scanning the harbor with my binoculars searching for birds.
 Out In the distance I saw what appeared to be an animal swimming. At first, only the head of the White-tailed deer was visible but then its body started to emerge from the water.
 I doubt it was going for a recreational swim. It might have been scared off or just wanted to join her pals on Grass Island. 
 Once she hit dry land it was off to the races!
You never know when nature might throw you a curve ball. I'm  glad I was up early enough to catch it!


FAB said...

An interesting encounter Larry. Nature is always full of surprises ... you just have to be in the right place at the right time and you were. Whitetail female I presume?

Larry said...

It is a white-tailed Deer (I'm going to add that in edit) and I'm presuming it is a female also.

Carole M. said...

it is kind of humorous to come across the odd curved ball too; nice captures Larry

troutbirder said...

Not your typical whitetail crossing . Fun to see for sure...:)

Kathie Brown said...

Nice captures!

Cathy said...

Larry . . . I've missed so many of your posts . .
Your photos and commentary are wonderful.
You should have wider distribution.

Larry said...

Thanks Cathy-If my distribution was judged by the number of spam comments I get then I'd be doing okay!