Friday, August 15, 2014

Birding Along Windsor Locks Canal Trail

I always thought that Windsor Locks was an odd name for a town when I was a kid. Later I learned that it was name for a set of canal locks that were built in the 1820's to help ships get by the shallow rapids in that area of the Connecticut River. Animals such as mules used to freight barges by rope along the man-made canal. It's been tarred over and is now used as a recreational trail for pedestrians and bikers.
This was the first time I ever visited the canal trail. It was the DEEP description that mentioned wildlife that lured me there. I found this Merlin about a mile into the 4.5 mile long trail.
I found a non-breeding male Wood Duck standing on a fallen tree. It looks so strange compared to the breeding males that I'm more familiar with.
I passed by 3 Great Blue Herons and several snapping turtles during my walk.
I also saw a few Osprey, Bald Eagles, and this Red-tailed Hawk flying overhead. I also saw a mix of other birds including a few warblers,vireos, and flycatchers.

I only had time to walk 2 miles of the trail but I'm looking forward to returning with my bike next time. A 9 mile round trip seems a bit too long for walking.

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