Sunday, February 15, 2015

Eagle Owl Sighting In Arctic Winter Conditions

  I can imagine Clint Eastwood's voice coming out of this owl saying "Go ahead, make my day". It is  actually a female Eurasian Eagle Owl and she is referred to as Big Mama.
 This photo gives some perspective of how large an Eagle Owl is. Big Mama was one of the featured birds at a display booth  belonging to:
Talons! A Bird Of Prey Experience . 
We have had arctic-like winter conditions  in Connecticut this week which is exactly why I decided to attend the 18th Annual Northeast Fishing & Hunting Show . Subzero-wind-chills and giant snowbanks aren't a big deal when you're indoors at the Connecticut Convention Center !


troutbirder said...

Oh my what a giant. We enjoyed our Florida sojourn and all the raptor and waders. Next year later so we a see the passerine migrations...:)

Michelle said...

Wow! She is a big girl!

Larry said...

I thought Snowy Owls were pretty big but from what I read these owls are larger.