Sunday, February 8, 2015

Seeing Is Believing And Believing Is Seeing

 At the end of January I took a ride down to Long Wharf in New Haven and was able to see Gadwall (above) along with a lots of Scaup. The photo was taken just after sunrise casting an orange glow over the ducks making me wonder if there was such a thing as Cinnamon Gadwall.The color of a bird's plumage can change a lot depending on the lighting which is why color of plumage is not always a reliable way of identifying birds.
I visited Hammonasset the day after it snowed. The road to the park was closed so I ended up walking several miles along the roads and beaches. I doubt these shorebirds enjoy being assaulted by  crashing waves but they manage to get the food they need each time the water recedes. It reminded me that life struggles and turmoil can sometimes lead to opportunity.
As I was walking along the main road on my way out of the park I noticed a distant stretch of cedars. I scanned the tree-line hoping that I might be lucky enough to find something, maybe even an owl. To my surprise, there was Great-Horned Owl sitting right out in the open. I don't know if that was a case of believing is seeing or seeing is believing but I'm always excited when I find an owl. It made the long walk back on a cold winter morning worth while. I noticed the gate was open and cars were passing me just as I was getting back to my car but if I hadn't been walking I never would have seen that owl!

Watching all the Superbowl  coverage (congrats to the Pats!) and shoveling snow have slowed my winter bird-watching activities down a little but I hope to get back out again next weekend.


Linda said...

Larry, you just made my day with your gorgeous photos!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Larry, that first photo is overwhelmingly beautiful. I urge you to enter it in a photo contest! Perhaps there's one for CT birds? Wow, it's just stunning.

Larry said...

Thanks for the comments-glad you like the photos. It made trekking out in the
cold weather worthwhile.

Unknown said...

Cinnamon Gadwall, ha, ha..makes as much semse as a lot of bird names ;-) Love the owl!

warriormom said...

Beautiful shots. I'm jealous of the owl! I've only caught the top of the head shot randomly as I was taking shots of Heron nests in the winter. Glad you took the walk.