Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Surprise! I'm A Lister On eBird Top 100 !

 If you were expecting to see bird photos in a post about eBird then you'll have an idea about the surprised reaction I had when I first found out that I was unknowingly on eBird.
Here are a few photos from our town fireworks display this weekend. They were taken from a cemetery atop of a hill from a couple of miles away.
Now let me tell you how I learned that I was a lister on the eBird Top 100. It was during a Christmas count that I was having a conversation about listing with a fellow birder who also enjoys listing ( keeping track of number of bird species seen on a list and actively trying to increase that number). I mentioned that I wasn't a lister other than keeping track of birds I see in January to help pass time in the winter. Then he told me: "But I've seen your name on the eBird Top 100 for Middlesex County"! 

I recently took at the fine print in eBird and found out that you are automatically enrolled in eBird top 100 (in explore data tab on right side of page) if you submit your sightings publicly but you can opt out at any time. I prefer a laid back approach to birding and I fear that if I pay too much attention to the eBird top 100 then I might become overly obsessed about it. I've already been scrolling through my personal list wondering how I've missed recording some of the most easy to find species. I also realized that I need to submit more complete lists instead of entering partial lists. 

I do like the option of keeping track of species that I see in my own county. It encourages me to focus on local sightings instead of driving all around the state.


Kathie Brown said...

Good for you, Larry! And submitting a complete list helps with collecting more accurate and useful birding data! Keep up the good work!

troutbirder said...

Congratulations. I've attained the top 100 listing for Fillmore County in Minnesota. Ok truth to tell I think they're are only three regular ebirders in my county....;)

Larry said...

Still,it does add an element of fun I think.