Saturday, July 18, 2015

Yellow-crowned Night Heron At Saybrook

. I plan on spending most of the summer exploring areas in Middlesex County so I made a visit to Saybrook Point this morning. There is a little park next to the area where Dock and Dine used to be that has some marsh habitat. I was surprised at the number of Marsh Wrens there ( at least 4). I made a little squeaky noise that brought the wren a foot away from me but it only showed itself for a couple of seconds before hiding behind cover again.
I saw a heron skulking through grass on the opposite side of Oyster River and was surprised when I realized it was a Yellow-crowned Night Heron. I checked eBird and found out that they are a lot more common along central Connecticut shoreline than I had realized. 


Linda said...

Great capture! I have seen a few blue herons here in Montreal, Canada, but they are so elusive...and they stand like statues, very hard to see them. Your photos are gorgeous, Larry!

Phil Slade said...

That's a nice looking species of heron Larry. But then I'm a fan of herons and egrets, such photogenic birds.

Kathie Brown said...

Nice find! Great pic!