Saturday, February 20, 2016

Plenty Of Birds In February on Lower CT River

 The area that I've spent most of my tie exploring this winter had been the lower section of the Connecticut River, particularly between Chester and Old Saybrook. There is a nice mix of birds to be found in the woodlands,wetlands, and coves along the river as well as on the river itself. 
To get the most out of the birding in this area you need to do a little backroading. I found a dozen turkeys along river road in Essex  including several toms showing off their impressive fans.
 I found a flock of 50 cowbirds at an Essex cemetery where they are building up strength so they can be ready to sneak their eggs  into the nests of unsuspecting migrant birds that will soon be arriving. 
 With the surprisingly warm weather we've had this week it won't be long before the robins can start pulling up earthworms.
 There has been a large group of Ruddy Ducks hanging out in South Cove in Old Saybrook. I also saw a dozen Long-tailed Ducks and many scoters just around the corner at saybrook point.
In just a few weeks there will be plenty of bird activity on my hometown stretch of the Connecticut River (further north) but for now, I'm happy to be able to take a short ride south where the bird 

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Anonymous said...

Those tom turkeys are very nice! Spring must be around the corner.