Sunday, July 3, 2016

Happy Independence Day USA!

 Middletown Connecticut had their annual fireworks display Saturday night. We've seen many over the years and this was one of their best shows yet.
 The fireworks are lunched from a platform on the Connecticut River. We, along with hundreds of other residents watched from the Portland side of the river. The challenge is finding a place where the trees don't block your view and this year we found the perfect spot.
Portland has a firework display also but they delay it to make sure that the local Great Blue Herons have left their nests. Below is a video capturing the end of the fireworks display. Happy 4th of July everyone!
click center of video to play


Kay G. said...

To live in a place that thinks of the Great blue heron, that would really be something.
Great photos. Happy 4th!

Linda said...

Beautiful photos! Happy 4th! We already celebrated Canada Day here on July 1st. :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoying the July 4th with bright colors of crackers!

Larry said...

I added USA after because it occurred to me that different countries celebrate different independence days.