Friday, August 26, 2016

Ignored Birds Are Conspicuous Birds

 My wife and I Spent a couple of days at Saybrook Point Inn. The top photo is a view of the Saybrook Point Marina as seen from our window. 
 I had no plans to do any birding during our stay but birds seem to have a way of finding me. It's hard to ignore a tree full of Monk Parakeets when they're ten feet from where you parked your car. I don't know what kind of tree this is but it had some sort of greenish round pods the parakeets were eating.   
 I had no real desire to go cormorant watching but look at how neatly they're lined up on top of a rock. How could I resist taking a photo of them?
 I continued my walk down the causeway which crosses south cove and there must have been 20 Osprey circling around looking for fish.
 It was compelling to watch them set their sights on a fish target and then dramatically plunge into the water to retrieve them.

I sometimes take breaks from my usual birdwatching routine but birds only seem more conspicuous if you try to ignore them. And why would I want to anyway?


Linda said...

Awwww....they were waiting for you and posing for your photo shoot, Larry! Beautiful! :)

Nadezda said...

Larry, I see you had a good holiday, taking these amazing photos. I love the photo of parrots, they are big enough and I think are enough noisy, aren't they? I've especially read where Saybrook Point is and it's really peaceful place.

Anonymous said...

When I bring my camera, I can never resist a great bird shot and you had many, Larry. I love to watch raptors fish and quite often do...from my kayak...although never the ocean...lakes and rivers work for me!...:)JP