Monday, August 22, 2016

Old Saybrook Has A Good Point

 I visited took a ride down to  Saybrook Point this weekend. It is in the town of Old Saybrook located where the 400 mile long Connecticut River empties into Long Island Sound. 

On this particular morning there was a lot of fog in the area making viewing conditions difficult.
 Saybrook Point Inn & Spa is located right on the waterfront and are within a short walking distance from great birding areas such as Fort Monument Park and the South Cove Causeway. It would be an excellent place to stay for the traveling birder.
 The fog on the cove itself was as thick as pea soup but there is a nature preserve at the end of the cove where I saw some young Eastern Bluebirds snacking on berries.
There have been many unusual bird sightings at South Cove over the years. Within the last year I've had sightings of a Red-headed Woodpecker and my first ever look at a White Pelican. 

The more I visit Saybrook Point the more I realize it's the gift that keeps on giving the whole year round!


Michelle said...

The pelican is a lovely specimen!

Linda said...

Beautiful series, Larry!