Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Quiet Nature Preserves Have Their Busy Days

We have a small nature preserve in town named The Helen Carlson Wildlife Sanctuary. I like to stop in for a quick look around whenever I'm in the area. During my last visit their was a Red-shouldered Hawk calling out keyeer keyeer keeyer from the top of a pine tree just as I was getting out of my car.
The preserve used to be a cranberry bog but since the beavers moved in the flora has changed quite a bit. I don't know what these flowers are but I did like the color.
  They built a nice platform a few years back. It makes for a comfortable place with a good vantage point form which to view birds. I look forward to seeing Hooded Mergansers in late winter and there are Wood Ducks here most of the year. In summer, you can expect to see  flycatchers, swallows, Great Blue Herons, and Green Herons.

The preserve happens to be located at the edge of Meshomasic State forest so I've had good luck finding migrating warblers in the surrounding woods during spring migration .
 A couple of weeks ago there was about 75 Tree Swallows here feeding on insects getting ready for their fall journey.
Here's a little clip of the Red-shouldered Hawk calling. The ringing in the background is the result of me leaving my keys in the ignition and leaving my car door open.

Being a nature preserve does not necessarily make a place 
a birding hotspot. The birding can be slow at the Helen Carlson Wildlife Sanctuary but every so often it seems to come alive just when I least expect it.


Linda said...

What beautiful photos, Larry! And I love your video, so nice to hear the sound of the hawk's call! :)

Anu said...

Great photos and video!

troutbirder said...

Beautiful red should there
The ones I saw in Florida seemed quite tame...:)

Nadezda said...

Very cute Hawk and he sounds interesting in your video.
Happy weekend!

Anna said...

Larry, just love your blog ! Saw a flock of cedars on the powerlines and a prairie. The powerless are soon to be very changed as Eversource is doing major cutting. Tried to fight them but seems they won't budge.
Debby goodrich

Larry said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. That's too bad about the powerlines-such a great spot.