Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Huge White Pelican Just Flew Over My House!

I was in my back yard cutting my grass this morning with one of those non-powered reel push mowers. At the same time, I was watching the sky knowing that this will be the last weekend that large numbers of broad-winged Hawks might move through the area.
Suddenly, I see this huge black and white bird with an an enormous wingspan (108") flying towards my direction.
 It was soaring like a giant bird bird of prey. What an awesome sight an American White Pelican is when in flight! It's also considered a rare sighting for Connecticut. Maybe I should start cutting my grass more often!


Linda said...

What a gorgeous sighting, Larry!

Nadezda said...

You were lucky to have your camera at time, Larry! Nice shot!

troutbirder said...

Great shot, Larry. We've seen great flocks spiraling upward as well as fishing in the Mississippi as they continue their migration southward. So gangling looking on land and water. So magnificent soaring above us...:)

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