Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall Comes And Goes In The Blink Of An Eye

 It was just a couple of weeks ago that summer was coming to an end. I was walking through the fields and you could feel the cooler air pushing in the morning fog.
The damp air left dew drops on plants and spider webs.
 It's usually around the end of September that Great Egrets start showing up at the rookery where the Great Blue Herons left their nests in July. 

 The first week of October is here now and the leaves are just starting to change color.
 Belted kingfishers seem to fly off with a loud rattle the second I look in their direction.  Maybe the birds are slowing down now that Fall is her because this Kingfisher actually stayed still long enough to let me take his picture. Fall is probably my favorite season but it seems to come and go in the blink of an eye which is why I'm going to try to avoid blinking my eyes for the next few weeks.


Nan said...

Absolutely spectacular photographs! We were just today looking at the peak colors on our farm and saying they'd be all gone by next week. But oh, how beautiful they are right now!

Unknown said...

Beautiful spider web shot. Excellent! Congrats on the Kingfisher..they are! Spring is my favorite season, then fall..both are ephemeral..

Nadezda said...

Your shot of spider web is wonderful! I love the last photo as well, cute bird.

Larry said...

Thanks-I was kind of pleased to have the spider web photo come out and kingfishers sure do give me a hard time.