Saturday, February 11, 2017

Don't Prejudge A Cloudy Winter Day

 When I looked out the window early this morning I was discouraged by the sight of piled up snow and grey skies. I decided to take a pass on birding for the day and headed to the local diner for breakfast but tossed my birding gear into my trunk just in case I had a change of heart. 

After breakfast I decided to take a ride down to the shore just to have a quick look around. I took my camera out to snap a picture of a Hooded Merganser that had his bill tucked in. I was happy to see that there was just enough light to get some bird photos.
 I found a nice flock of Horned Lark picking through piles of sticks and dirt protruding though the snow. I only spent about an hour at the shore but was able to add Brant, Horned Grebe, and Black Scoter to my year list. 
Just as I was about to arrive home, I noticed a large number of ducks down in the brownstone quarries. Not surprisingly, most of them were Mallards.What I didn't expect to see was over 20 Wood Ducks swimming near the shoreline. I rarely see them here and certainly didn't expect to find them in the middle of February!

Ignoring the cloudy skies and piled up snow turned out to be a good decision. I was able to see some unexpected birds and it turned out to be a warm and comfortable day considering it's the middle of winter.


Michelle said...

Looks like you found some great shots despite the weather!

Nadezda said...

I love your picture of Horned Lark, Larry. Its song is nice, I often hear it in summer days high in the sky.

Unknown said...

Love all those beautiful pictures! Especially the Hooded Merganser. So unique!!! Thanks for sharing:)

Larry said...