Saturday, February 18, 2017

Ruddy Ducks Catching A Little Sun

  I had the pleasure of seeing Ruddy Ducks sunning themselves this morning. 
It is usually difficult for me to get a good view of the subtle plumage detail on the wintering Ruddy Ducks.- (breeding males have bold color)
From a distance I usually identify these diving ducks out by seeing their scoop-shaped bills and upright tales.


tai nguyen dang said...

liền kề louis city

Nadezda said...

Larry, these ducks do their best, sunning after the winter cold. And you? Did you catch a little sun that day? I love how the birds look, nice feathers.
Have a nice day!

troutbirder said...

Scooped bills and uprights tale. Duh! And here I was paying attention to color. No wonder they were hard to identify at a distance...:)

Larry said...

Sometimes I don't pay attention at all when they're too far out to get a look at them.