Sunday, April 16, 2017

Field Sparrow Singing At Machimoodus Park

 I visited visited Machimoodus Park this morning which is one of my favorite local go-to spots in the area. One of the things I like about this park is the open areas which makes it easier to get better views of birds as opposed to being in dense woods.
 There were a lot of Field Sparrows around today. They have a pink bill, unmarked breast, and a white eye ring. They are pale looking overall compared to most of the other sparrows. I usually find them in open fields that are moderately overgrown. They also have a very distinct song that helps with identification.
click to play
 Machimoodus also has lots of woodland trails to explore.
I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of a Barred Owl tucked away in some evergreens off in the distance. 

It was a beautiful morning to be out with the birds this morning. The temperature reached 80 degrees in today in Connecticut.


Michelle said...

The picture of that sparrow is so sweet. Just belting its heart out! I also love the owl. Nice work!

Nadezda said...

So cute birdy, Larry
I know another kind of sparrows and this one sings nicely.