Sunday, April 2, 2017

Herons And Osprey Return To Their Nests

 I made my way down the long path to the local rookery to check on the status of the Great Blue Heron population. I counted 65 on or near the nests and saw many more in flight. This picture shows just a small portion of the numerous nests.
 Some of the nests are looking a little skimpy after the long winter and might need a little reinforcement.
 Someone built a single nesting platform along the river in Portland and it didn't take long for the Osprey to find it. Usually I see my first osprey near the shore where there are dozens of nesting platforms so it was a nice surprise to find my first pair right here in town!


Nan said...

What a great, great thing to have this so nearby. I am interested in the fact their nests are so close together. And are the trees/bushes dead? Or just not leafed out yet? I have rarely seen herons or osprey. Wonderful pictures.

Larry said...

I think they're mostly dead. When the babies hatch there can be as many as 200 herons. Sometimes Great Horned Owls use the nests as well.

Nadezda said...

I've seen heron near the river where people were fishing. But an osprey there was not, perhaps they don't nest in our places, Larry.
Wonderful pictures!